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Official wiki for the WOLFE BROTHERS SAGA. A series that follows the trials of three brothers from the rural town of Cut And Shoot, Texas, as they struggle with the current hardships of life and the dark deeds of their past, while a serial killer dubbed The Cupcake Killer is terrorizing women, many of them closely associated with the three brothers.

All things related to the Wolfe Brothers Saga including the Official WBS Audio Drama!

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  • new page Tony
    created by Maxredf
    New page: Tony Tony was Cameron and Ajay's biological father. He was an abusive alcoholic who often committed acts of physical violence against his wife and...
  • edit Bree
    edited by Maxredf diff
  • new page Bree
    created by Maxredf
    New page: Bree Bree is a young girl who is also Maggie Stewart's niece, Mayor Stewart's granddaughter. {| class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" !...
  • new page John Stewart
    created by Maxredf
    New page: John Stewart John Stewart, simply referred to as Mayor Stewart, is the Mayor of Cut And Sheet. He is a defense attorney who runs his own law firm...
  • new page JT McKendrick
    created by Maxredf
    New page: JT McKendrick JT is one of the three PB&J McKendrick triplets along with Brock McKendrick and Peter McKendrick. From a young age JT has proven to
  • new page Nate McKendrick
    created by Maxredf
    New page: Nate McKendrick Dr. Nate McKendrick is a surgeon and the husband of Tilly Bridges and older brother of Emily McKendrick. He is a controlling...
  • new page Sage Moreau
    created by Maxredf
    New page: Sage Moreau Sage is the daughter of the Moreau Hotel Corp. tycoons and is the wife of Zeke Chase. She specializes in biomedical technology....
  • categorization Zeke Chase
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    Added category: Characters
  • new page Zeke Chase
    created by Maxredf
    New page: Zeke Chase Zeke is an entrepreneur and CEO of Chase Industries now based in Cut And Shoot, Texas. He is married to Sage Moreau, the daughter of the...
  • new page Tilly Bridges McKendrik
    created by Maxredf
    New page: Tilly Bridges McKendrik Tilly is the older sister of Star Bridges and the wife of Dr. Nate McKendrik. She is also one of Maggie Stewart's closest...

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